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Skip is a very convenient and simple motion having oxygen, can helpShanghai Long Feng forum

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Use up adipose, also can help whole body reducing weight really. It is to be able to be helped not only reduce weight, skip still has a lot of to the help of the body, skip can be helped exercise heart lungs capacity, also having quite big effect to each organs of the body. Although skip suchSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Motion reduces weight to get effective and be unhappy, but be short of exceeding health, won’t cause what harm to the body, still can help instead exercise, enhance immune power.

Can skip decrease the whole body really

Skip can reduce weight, and it is a quite good exercise reducing weight, every half hours of hectic quantity 400 calories, this is a body building, all sorts of viscera such as the system, harmonious to heart lungs sex, attitude, reduce weight wait to have quite great help. Reduce weight even if reduce fat, motion reduces weight get effective unhappy, but special science, meeting combustion is many and adipose, and won’t rebound. But move 15 minutes only every time, criterion of burn-up is carbohydrate, burn do not drop adipose, after motion reduces weight half hours, just can begin to burn more adipose, the time that moves every time is longer, of burn-up adipose more, because the main the sources of energy of successional motion is,this is adipose and not be carbohydrate.

Contrary, instantaneous erupts the sources of energy that the gender moves is carbohydrate is not adipose, it is profitless to reducing weight that reason moves this kind. GeneralGo up newly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Every time skip time control is in 30-100 minute between, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Weekly skip do not answer little at 4 but also cannot 6 over, need one day rest and think. The period of time with best condition of human body activity is afternoon arrived at 3 o’clock in the evening at 8 o’clock.

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

If want to reduce weight, it is exceedingly important that the intensity that take exercise still has time, because reduce weight,need exercise having oxygen, what use up first plus the word of the activity in the body is candy, ability is adipose later, the time that moves so must be achieved at least above of half an hour, it is to be not decreased otherwise adipose of that part.

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