Suo Ni announces PS VR many Chinese companies declare one’s views list of all development business


The list of business of 320 many development that alls alone computer recreation announced the Buddhist nun to develop game for PS VR now, divide in all for Japanese home, asian other area, europe, north America and tool and among develop business.

Among them European area is most, amount to 92, it is North America next, 79, it is Japanese home next, 34, finally is Asian other area, in all 26.

Be worth what carry is, besides EA, yo greens jade, SE, fromSoftware, 2K Games, outside the famous manufacturer such as China accept brother, we still were pleasant to the eye in Asian area list many domestic game develop business, it is the company of Beijing and Shanghai for the most part.

Although edition of travel of PS VR country had be notted announce, nevertheless as a result of Chinese home already many companies and Suo Ni cooperate, accordingly our hopeful sees game of a few homebred VR lands PS VR. And buy a nation the player of travel PS4 also can play homebred VR game.

At present many 160 game is landing PS VR in development, about value of PS VR play, the government before this ever expressed to be between 10-59 dollar, won’t exceed 60 dollars.

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