Phenomenon of a dark horse ” greedy cavern ” head ascend IOS Fu Feibang to be squeezed into the 5th


The hand swims a place that is legend of a production, the game of a lot of Ceng Ming unknown creates a miracle here. In March 2016 4 days 2, live by what money treasure game issues take a risk kind of high-quality goods game ” greedy cavern ” land IOS, inside the sheet of a list of names posted up that is like the cloud in the strong opponent, ” greedy cavern ” encounter Buddha deicide all the way, inside short number hour impact pays cost a list of names posted up the 5th. Created day of a big miracle.

Actually, antedate before a month, ” greedy cavern ” tornado already was swept across, the vocabulary entry that concerns with greedy cavern becomes hot search for a time.

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