Not be be apt to individually advocate! ” biochemical crisis 2: Refashion edition ” new information of an eccentric person of classical funeral cadaver is public


Sky blocking general made public today ” biochemical crisis 2: Refashion edition ” up to date information, an eccentric person of cadaver of classical to the partial series that has announced at present funeral made pool, understand together below. This making will on January 25, 2019 put on sale, land PS4, xbox One and PC platform. · ” biochemical crisis 2 refashion edition (Biohazard Re:2) ” it is one makes emission horror take a risk by Capcom kind of game, this high-definition heavy plate making will be used ” biochemical crisis 7 ” RE Engine of the engine that be the same as a paragraph is made, let live classically horrible sport is official renascence, with distinct the place that inspects effect, sound effect breathtakingly to make horror again. Biochemical crisis the complete redo of 2, the narrative experience that brings deeper administrative levels. Brand-new perspective crossing a shoulder, and modern operation, support 4K. · funeral cadaver. Spread all over game scenic most soy is, its action is slow to playing first person for also be to did not browbeat. Dog of · funeral cadaver. Nimble and fierce, answer difficulty to promote considerably, fortunately the amount is not so much. · lap person. The cadaver of mutation class funeral that appears in game is represented, the Jing Song feeling when appearing first believes players of each vermicelli made from bean starch do not forget. · G biology (G the 1st configuration) delegate of cadaver of BOSS class funeral, powerful body increases terrible power. · G adult. The big BOSS of cadaver of sealed department funeral that according to the rejection of G cell reaction gives birth to, cope with must of this kind of abnormal an eccentric person to need doohickey. · TYRANT oppressor. Compared with above the G that mental retardation fastens kind funeral cadaver, oppressor has higher intelligence quotient and not weak harm and coriaceous fast, its horror sex is by no means common funeral cadaver can is likened to.

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