Ma Qinghua of hand of car of China of F1 first place: Leave to do not have achievement feeling again quickly on the driveway


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Ma Qinghua

When 17 years old, he goes up in field of European racing bicycle go on an expedition; When 21 years old, the face of hand of Chinese racing bicycle appears for the first time because of him on the stage receiving award that France of Spanish F3 tounament stands; When 25 years old, he becomes the first place to enter the hand of Chinese book car of F1; When 29 years old, he is become ” book of Formula E China the first person ” . Nowadays, he does not pass 30 years old, already created on cycle racing field however count second ” miracle ” . He is Ma Qinghua, one ever is used ” speed and passion ” the hand of Chinese book racing bicycle that leaves Chinese impress in the bake in a pan on field of European racing bicycle.

when memory by father ” force ” get on Ka Ding car

F1 Shanghai stood 2013, the F1 car hand that people first time saw China — Ma Qinghua. He represents Katehan Mu motorcade attends an exercise to surpass, become the first place to drive in home the Chinese car hand of F1 racing bicycle. That momently, ceng Youxu’s much person is so excited that Ceng Youxu’s much person shed next tear, they are clustering round after Ma Qinghua gets off him, sighing with emotion what hand of racing bicycle of a China is in international competition ground to go up is not easy.

2013, ma Qinghua attends an exercise to surpass in F1 Shanghai station.

The story of Ma Qinghua and racing bicycle, want to speak of from 1995. That year, many indoor pleasure ground of Shanghai begins to introduce calorie of Ding Che. One day, father is taking Ma Qinghua of 8 years old to block fourth car house to play, year young Ma Qinghua is giant to these, fast ” toy ” fine long hair is halfhearted, a little scared even, but father is laughing to say however: “The boy wants brave place, it doesn’t matter is terrible, father accompanies you to play together. ” father have not of Ma Qinghua expects, his this ” force ” the life way that changed son future.

At that time, year young Ma Qinghua complies with father’s directive, strung safety belt, holding steering wheel, step on next accelerator, the car gallops in circuit, the exciting Qing Hua letting a horse of that arise suddenly has a kind of inexpressible fun. After this, ma Qinghua is pestering father to take his to block Ding Che every week, “Do not go uncomfortable ” .

1999, ma Qinghua’s father was informed his Hong Kong client to establish a motorcade, return open groom class, train hand of teenage racing bicycle technically. Blueness Hua joined the horse to groom class, still had the first car blocking man that belongs to oneself.

After a year, ma Qinghua of 12 years old becomes teenage group to block champion of fourth car match. “2004, father takes me to watched game of station of Shanghai of the first F1, I sit in pavilion, look at cycle racing shines at the moment 上海夜网

from me and pass, saw hands of a lot of legend racing bicycle. I tell myself, I want to do this, become hand of F1 racing bicycle. Become hand of F1 racing bicycle..

F1 car confuses 10 time situation to change eventually car hand

The dream of F1 is very beautiful, implementation is very difficult however. Industry of racing bicycle of China of one’s early years is not perfect, chinese car hand never also has appeared on F1 competition ground. In the whole nation obtain for many times in match of each contest car not after the achievement of common, in July 2008, ma Qinghua of 21 years old got entering the chance of Spanish F3 tounament, become the Chinese car hand with this only at that time match, obtain the 3rd in French station, this also is face of occurrence China of the first time on the stage receiving award of F3 match.

“Cycle racing field is a particularly actual place, want to win applause and esteem to be able to rely on actual strength conversation only. ” Ma Qinghua says. Ma Qinghua’s friend tells a reporter: “Feel Chinese car hand is very weak all the time on past international, the pony hopes to be able to pass him one day, let the world see the ability of hand of Chinese racing bicycle. Let the world see the ability of hand of Chinese racing bicycle..

2011, the Spanish HRT motorcade of F1 chooses hand of young potential car in global limits, ma Qinghua becomes one of selected 5 people. Ever since about half an year, he proved his actual strength in uninterrupted in-house test, every week at least 5 days, ma Qinghua must undertake the physical ability training of high strenth and solid car imitate. “Nobody can be in charge of us, all training rely on ego tie. ” kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, on November 6, 2012, ma Qinghua signs what become Spanish HRT motorcade about to choosing car hand, also be hand of car of F1 of chief China book. “Besides happy, the biggest feeling is divine. I am informed myself to be able to hav上海龙凤论坛

e the place that belongs to my on F1 competition ground at that time, there are my name and citizenship above. The sort of dream becomes true sensation, make me unforgettable most probably. Make me unforgettable most probably..

Ever since, because of account of HRT motorcade capital, ma Qinghua is helpless exit and sign Yaokatehan Mu motorcade takes up the post of preliminary car hand. 2013, groups of local born and bred Shanghai is small Ma Qinghua is driving eventually cycle racing appears on Shanghai F1 circuit. Although just practice contest, still become the pride of Chinese racing bicycle however. Stand to give battle to practiced contest 2013 from Shanghai of the first F1, apropos 10 years. 10 time situation, that car in pavilion is confused, the car hand that grows to go up for F1 competition ground eventually.

Quiet work and rest love上海千花网交友

s to be like an old person besides competition ground

The exercise attends to surpass in Shanghai only after a few months, ma Qinghua brushs a shoulder with F1 again because of a few objective reasons and pass. “I know the outside is staring at me, before that I just was held in both hands to reach a of life to be nodded high, fall suddenly again however to wallow, a lot of controversy, doubt followings sb’s heels and come. ” at first, ma Qinghua ever had had a paragraph of low tide, but F1 is not the arena with cycle racing exclusive hand, 2014, he joins motorcade of snow iron dragon, enter life of couplet of annual international steam as the first place the Chinese car hand of bright and beautiful contest, in Russia Moscow international contest 上海千花社区

has the honor to win champion on the road, become the first place to win world bright and beautiful to surpass minute of station to surpass the Chinese of champion.

Last year, ma Qinghua attended international steam couplet dynamoelectric equation (FE) match, much ” FE China book the first person ” honor. Nowadays, ma Qinghua is thinking how to can drive motion of Chinese racing bicycle to develop truly. He is in Shanghai open large field of the racing bicycle outdoor, plan actively still hold young car hand to groom with cycle racing match.

The Ma Qinghua of speed and passion is gone after on competition ground, furtive very undemonstrative however, indrawn. Ferial in, ma Qinghua’s greatest pleasure is to drink tea unexpected爱上海同城手机版

ly, ma Qinghua says: “I like quiet, not rackety, so I also won’t go bubble drink, live commonly like old people. Live commonly like old people..

In other eye, cycle racing hand drives under the counter should be fast fierce, dan Maqing Hua drives is however ” firm delay ” , he laughs say: “The car is tool of ride instead of walk only, still be safety first. On the driveway even if leaves again quickly, also won’t have any achievement feeling. Also won’t have any achievement feeling..

The car hand of full honor is kept on this resume, also do not pass 30 years old this year, future still has a lot of field matches waiting for him. Be said as him himself: “On circuit, alien watchs the scene of bustle, what only cycle racing hand is clear about backside of every time make a decision is cogitative. What only cycle racing hand is clear about backside of every time make a decision is cogitative..


A match is over weight is light 3 jins

Guangzhou daily: Is there attention is the Shanghai car this year exhibited?

Ma Qinghua: Of course, the car showed many new brands showpiece this year, give priority to with car of new energy resources, this is representing the change of automobile industry, the development tendercy that actually cycle racing moves also depends on the development of automobile industry.

Guangzhou daily: Star Han age also turns recently make cycle racing hand, attend China is super 2017 racing bike tounament, how do you look?

Ma Qinghua: Professional car hand and spare car hand or meeting have different, development course is different, the chance that takes part in the match together is not much also. Star effect can bring more to get numerous group, the development that moves to Chinese racing bicycle also has profit. Generally speaking, they more enjoy the game, han is for instance cold, it is a very gifted spare car hand.

Guangzhou daily: You think in the country indrawn and more person popularizes cycle racing to move, but the risk problem that really many people can worry about cycle racing.

Ma Qinghua: Actually this is a kind of misunderstanding, cycle racing motion is to belong to those who compare safety in athletics sports. As the development of science and technology, the even if in cycle racing process produces an accident, the harm that causes to human body also had been reduced very few. Each racing bicycle is in fire prevention, prevented the respect such as collision to pass strict test, in the meantime, the racing bicycle of dress of car hand itself is taken also is fireproof. Statistic shows, underwear of fire prevention of car hand dress can stand in conflagration half minutes or so not to have a thing peacefully, and this para爱上海

graph of time is already enough it is dangerous that car hand escapes. In the meantime, center of stock security car, medical treatment is returned on competition ground, I feel cycle racing field is safer than the driveway.

The outside still has a misunderstanding to car hand, that thinks car hand just is begged fast. Cycle racing need is actually mental cooperate with manual height. Literally says, after the match of two hours ends, because dehydration is light,I meet 3 jins, physical ability training is very so important.

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