Violent wind of fare of porthole of mouth of VS of plum power a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument rises! The most expensive already was fried to reach 750 thousand yuan


Login register violent wind of fare of porthole of mouth of VS of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument to rise! The most expensive was already fried to come: of 750 thousand yuan of origin? Detain  thoroughfare?2017-07-21 10:20 Http://

Beijing time on July 21, according to ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” report, meiweise and dagger of wheat case thunder cross the official data of group big fight this to figure, entrance ticket total sales will exceed the U.S. dollor of 7 ten million of the Meiweise before this and Pakuiao. Current, this match is in the sheet 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

of tripartite website piece price of highest entrance ticket had been fried 85, 348 pound (close about 749, 262 RMBs)爱上海

, and the high-definition direct seeding that the audience wants to watch this game on TV must want to pay 99 dollars, mark clear video also needs to pay 89 U.S. dollors.

In the past two weeks, for conduct propaganda this crosses group big fight, two big giant stars are in los angeles, Toronto, new York, London 4 days to undertake itinerate is publicized continuously, two people each station is changing method each other is opposite gush, bring so that audience full-court cachinnates more than, this immediately pushs tall outside to cross the commerce of group big f爱上海

ight to anticipate to this ceaselessly.

On August 26, fuluoyide Meiweise and Maikegeleige the battle of 600 million will be formal start shooting. Maigeleige is in the summit summit that is in its profession career at present, he was mixed 2015 there is 3 battles position all the time between 2016, and Meiweise already went to hi爱上海同城对对碰

s adversary 40 years old Feburary this year, but the form that he still is carrying Gao Shuiping, the result of this century big fight will how? Let our wait and see wh上海夜网论坛

at happens.

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of 200 many person railway station of Fuzhou of 2017-07-20 of await trial of one person be bailed out sends the first network to order eat steward to check news of 2017-07-18 sending eat

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