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TremellaShanghai night net

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Call tremella again, it is the food of nourishing health care with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, tremella appearance and agaric are similar, color is transparent haveLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Burnish. And the mouthfeel of the tremella is more fragile, suit to be used make all sorts of culinary art. For example, sweetmeats of tremella of cold and dressed with sause, tremella is waited a moment, look below1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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What to see tremella practice encyclopedia have?

What does tremella practice encyclopedia have?

Tremella is the seed body of tremella of fungus of door of bacterium of door a carring pole, tremella is by the flat look valve of more than 10 thin and much ruffle piece composition. Tremella seed form is pure come in vain ivory, submit chrysanthemum shape or cockscomb form commonly, diameter 5 ~ 10 centimeters, softness is white, translucent, be full of flexibility, come by several composition, form of chrysanthemum of be similar in shape, peony form or embroider are globose, diameter 3 ~ 15 centimeters.

Practice one: Tremella sweetmeats

1, Tremella a small, bubble water.

2, Medlar and red jujube are washed clean.

3, the tremella that bubble opens, medlar, red jujube, lotus seed, rock candy, water, 2-3 is boiled in putting electric bowl second, make an appointment with 20-30 minute, tremella sweetmeats can eat.

What does tremella practice encyclopedia have?

Practice 2: Raise Yan Bai agaric

1, Use the tremella first cold water bubble is soft cut it into dainty size again stand-by, also feed other material is abluent and stand-by.

2, Feed material to put capable person of surfeit of the adj/LIT wide that add water one case completely, those who like Shang Duo electric boiler can be entered after the much water that put a dropLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The person that likes ringing mouthfeel should be in only Great Harmony reportForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Boiler outer pot puts 2 cups of water, like what soft tender slippery mouthfeel becomes aware to if like fragile person,put 4 cups of waterForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Divide please second put feed capable person, last cups of water puts lotus seed again, report can put right amount rock candy edible after boiler start, like those who take ice to be able to be put cool hind ice lies between day edible the meeting is more thick stiff.

What does tremella practice encyclopedia have?

Practice 3: Soup of lotus seed of tremella of disappear heat sweetmeats

1, Lotus seed is abluent, take the core among toothpick take out (do not go can be being sufferred from) fresh lotus seed need not bubble water, bubble water will be long boil not soft.

2, The tremella is abluent bubble water, bubble arrives send soft soft fat fat later, will hard small are dialed after take out of hard head of the base of a fruit, convenient edible. Red jujube also is abluent bubble water.

3, Will all material is put into electric boiler, inside boiler two cups of half water, outer pot two cups. Right amount crystal sugar is put again after thoroughlying cook, or be honey Yi Ke is put again when edible.

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