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Yellow sunflower is the Chinese traditional medicine with a kind of more use, yellow sunflower can use edible not only, and still can use should make remedy, still can use make tea to drink, action is very extensive, the effect that Huang Kui spends what different good place has and action also are different, but the composition of yellow sunflower is very complex, if need to make a medicinal material with yellow sunflower at ordinary times, must use below the doctor’s guidance, must not him blind is used.

 The action of yellow sunflower and effect

The action of yellow sunflower and effect

Remedial nephrosis

Much ketone material is contained in yellow Sichuan sunflower, ketone material has powerful effect fight oxidation, the freedom of much airframe interior base the cleared effect that has powerful effect, of cleared kidney place oneself have the active that can protect put oneself in another’s position of its line bead, alleviate nephritic consenescence, draw lessons from improve its function, have very good therapy effect to chronic nephritis, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks nephrosis is much more with damp and hot accumulate the result is concerned, yellow Sichuan sunflower has the effect with clear hot wet dispel, accordingly, can treat nephrosis.

Remedial inflammation

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All sorts of bacteria, fungus and virus were full of in the environment of the life, the immune force of human body drops, perhaps appear when cut be affected very easily to cause all sorts of inflammation by fungus. Red bayberry element is contained in yellow Sichuan sunflower, this kind of material has powerful antiseptic sterilization effect, accordingly, yellow Sichuan sunflower is in a lot of moment are to use make antiphlogistic drug, be opposite especially oral cavity ulcer, the antiphlogistic effect of traumatic infection very beautiful, exceeded aspirin even.

 The action of yellow sunflower and effect

Hairdressing is raised colour

Human body is in everyday take food, be in everyday digest decompose many organic other people, the oxidation of organic matter is decomposed is human body is offerred can main avenue, but produce in this can many freedom still can arise in the process base, medical scope is very much the source of the 10 thousand disease that the expert thinks freedom radical is human body, it is the main effect factor of airframe consenescence.

Compound of a lot of yellow ketone is contained to reach in yellow Sichuan sunflower exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic (SOD) , these two kindsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Composition is had extremely strong fight oxidation, can effective cleared airframe is in-houseSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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freedom radical, alleviate the consenescence of airframe, be opposite especially cutaneous effect is most apparent, can alleviate anile, hairdressing is raised colour.

 The action of yellow sunflower and effect

Increase appetite

The metropolis such as pressure of growth of disease, gravid, age, life and mood affects the person’s appetite, very Hou Mingming of a long time’s very delicious food, do not have however half1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Dot appetite, anorexia disease slowly came out with respect to education.

Many saturated fatty acid is contained in yellow Sichuan sunflower — 14 alkyl are acerbity, it is one kind adds sweet agent, accordingly, drinkable before take food Huang Shukui spends the tea that bubble makes, can increase the person’s appetite, promote take food.

Enhance cardiac muscle function

Many adenosine is contained in yellow Sichuan sunflower, adenosine is one kind is spread all over within human body cell inside source sex nucleotide, the energy that can participate in cardiac muscle metabolizes, enter the phosphation that cardiac muscle participates in directly after cardiac muscle, and, still have the effect of outspread coronary artery, increase the hematic flow of coronary artery, offer for cardiac muscleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Enough nutrition. Enhance cardiac muscle function.

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