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A lot of people are eating a few commonner cate via regular meeting at ordinary times for instance carrot, but carrot althoughNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Like that what doesn’t adult have, but dot does not love to eat, unluckily the carotene in carrot and rich element, suit to be darling complement vitamin quite again, so the parent can force the child to eat carrot, need not have been to cent actually force, when eating red turnip to darling, can learn to learn this way, assure to love to eat delicate.

 The practice of congee of darling red turnip

Dish tastes characteristic

Cookbook name: Carrot congee

What belong to dish department: Congee kind

What belong to a type: Health cookbook

Basic material: Carrot 350 grams, rice 100 overcome

Characteristic: ? Does  of  of detailed of  of blessing of ∑ ⒑ buttock stop Jie of  of appraise of flute of  of  Qia dredge?

 The practice of congee of darling red turnip


The method that make:

Carrot 350 grams, add rice 100 grams, first carrot 1~2 root (decide by individual be fond of) abluent cut filament, boiling water, after been boil a little, after be being fried with the spice such as vegetable oil, chopped green onion, Jiang Mo stand-by. With 100 grams rice adds water to boil congee, fast ripe when, join the carrot that has fried to be boiled together. Some of caraway, sesame-seed oil is scattered when having pot.

Nutrient content

Milligram of carrot vitamin B10.02~0.04, vitamin B20.04~0.05 milligram, vitamin C12 milligram, quantity of heat 150.7 1000 anxious, contain pectic, amylaceous, inorganic additionally salt and a variety of amino acid. Content of carotene of tangerine of the You Yishen in of all kinds breed is highest, all sorts of carrot place contain energy to be in 79.5 dry anxious ~1339.8 1000 between Jiao Zhi. Carrot is one kind pledges fragile the daily life of a family with delicious, rich nutrition is vegetable, element has what ” Lilliputian joins ” to say. Carrot contains a lot ofthe nutrition such as element of A of carbohydrate, adipose, naphtha, carotene, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, cyanine, calcic, iron composition.

 The practice of congee of darling red turnip

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Does American scientist consider to confirm: ?  of  of reef of quarter Fei another name for Guangdong Province exemplaries?0%~20%; has grade of look forward to of wingceltis of ü of instrument of  of few of the moisture in the soil that punish  everyday 3 carrot, conduce to precautionary heart disease and tumour. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks carrot flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Filling liver is bright eye, clear filling kidney of hot detoxify, Zhuang Yang, fully rash, fall gas relieves a cough wait for effect, can use at intestines and stomach unwell, constipation, nyctalopia (the action of vitamin A) , sexual function low, hives, 100 days1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Cough, children is hidebound wait for a symptom.

Carrot contains a lot ofa vitamin, have slight and continuously sudoriferous action, can stimulate cutaneous metabolism, promotional blood circulates, make the skin delicate and smooth thereby, complexion is ruddy, to hairdressing be good at skin has original effect. In the meantime, carrot is appropriate also at the skin dry, coarse, or suffer from hair moss, blackhead, horn to change model eczema person edible.

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