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Crab is at ordinary times a kind of very common seafood, the nutrient value of crab is very tall, especially the content of cholesterol is most, although crab nutrition is richer, but had better not eat more, eat much cause cholecystitis very easily, tall bloodLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The disease such as fat and gall-stone, crab flavour is very delicate, but a lot of people won’t eat crab however, actually of crab having a way also is very simple, is that fair of crab what is having a way?

Of fair crab what is having a way?

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Of fair crab have a way

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Eat first cream eat the meat again

crab attack by surprise (a small lid of crab navel part) take out, take advantage of an opportunity opens crab lid. Eat crab to cover a part first, with small spoon the bail out of crab stomach part among, gently will outside suck of lapping the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is clean.

Eat crab then leg

Cut open crab leg both ends, disclose of the tweezers that use crab goes out can. Or cut crab leg into 3 cut with scissors, use a crab tiptoe is fine that flesh disclose crab leg middle first, a reoccupy crab tiptoe is thick that crab leg before paragraph fleshy disclose comes out.

Eat crab again clamp

crab clamp cent becomes 3 paragraphs, before two paragraphs can cut open crab carapace directly, with flesh of spoon bail out. That final forceps, skill is to cut open both sides, break two clamp leg toward opposite way with the hand next, clamp carapace parted thoroughly.

Eat crab finally personally

Cut open crab body, can prick get rid of to give crab meat with crab. Or break crab body into two half, become filar crab flesh it is thus clear that right now. Want to be ripped down crab foot only, can tear open crab flesh piece.

Of fair crab what is having a way?
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Crab practice

Green oily crab


① crab is abluent, join Jiang Pian and green paragraph on boiler evaporate ripe;

Cusp part goes after ② crab evaporate is ripe, had cut next place dish, join in the Shang Zhizhong that evaporate comes out salt, candy, gourmet powder and unripe smoke, drench after agitate divide evenly dish in, place ginger garlic powder on crab next, asperse again on broken green paragraph;

Oil is entered in ③ boiler, open conflagration, drench directly after fume waiting for boiler in green paragraph on can.

Characteristic: GreenFall in love with the sea

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Paragraph in the crab of aroma immerge fat, that flavor light wants to flow with respect to saliva.

Secret book crab

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Material: Crab, the head of garlic 39, chili, pagoda tree salt


① handles crab clean first, cut 4 ~ 6.

② has oily pot, fizzle out crab blast to gold color, scoop reserve.

③ puts garlic bait into oily boiler blast to come golden color, scoop reserve.

④ fries chili, enter crab and garlic bait boiler again, put pagoda tree salt to mix divide evenly can.


The mixture of the five sachet when salt of ① pagoda tree and salt

② crab flesh is quite easy ripe seafood, so, let crab cross oily boiler first, can make bovril is sealed, not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. But time cannot pass long, otherwise, the flesh is qualitative too old, bovril instead prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

Of fair crab what is having a way?

Chi juice crab

Material: Crab, fabaceous Chi comes partly 9, chili 2 2, garlic entices 2 2, butter 2 money

Flavoring: Oyster sauce, candy, gallinaceous essence pink right amount


① handles crab clean, cut 6.

Oily boiler comes crab blast golden color since ② scoop reserve.

③ chili section, join Chi of butter, beans to explode sweet, join 12 soup-stock and flavoring to boil 2 minutes to tick off Gorgon euryale can.

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