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Feeding capable person is more familiar, it basically is to contain a lot of grease and protein, to us breast enhancement and the exudation of stimulative milk are very much, suit a puerpera to be in confined when edible. However, earthnut is soup of Bao of hoof following a pig best, can remove hairdressing to raise Yan Yi and the condition that promote next grandmas, suggest everybody can learn earthnut to stew the practice of pig hoof so, eat earthnut to stew pig hoof edible more to the puerpera.

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Soup of live pig foot

Material: Pig foot 1 pair (600g) , take leather earthnut 300g, salt 1 teaspoon (5g) , rock candy 2 spoon (30g) , soy 1 spoon (15ml) , oyster sauce 1 spoon (15ml) , ketchup 2 teaspoon (10ml) , green Chinese onion paragraph 3 paragraphs, flay garlic 4 valve, old Jiang Pian 5.

Practice: 1, make scrub neatly pig base from which fore-and-aft cleavage, again transverse cut even chunk, the attention wants to shift to an earlier date from next knife; earthnut between condyle aperture bubble was adding salt (1 teaspoon, in the water of 5g) 3 hours. 2, the power source that receives electrify gas boiler, the pig crural piece is put into one boiler cold water, heat to boil 10 minutes about to water boiling, the hematic foam in pig foot is completely oozy, fish out drop does moisture. 3, will inside boiler scrub is clean, put crystal sugar, enter a few water (1 spoon, 15ml) , when the temperature in boiler the rock candy after lifting gradually melts golden yellow syrup, notice to churn at any time, avoid to scorch. 4, crural piece pours the pig that irons quick-boil drop doing into boiler, mix is even, make pig footShanghai night net

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Full candy color is wrapped on. 5, the earthnut with join bubble good, put onion paragraph, garlic valve, old Jiang Pian, transfer into soy, oyster sauce and ketchup, add 2 bowls of Wen Shui, the boiler on the lid is built, come back close. Heat to be in charge of ejective vapour to the boiling inside boiler, deflate, time after 8 minutes cut off the power automatically, mention voltage limiting air bleeder is fast exhaust. 6, open boiler to build, the pig of boiler bottom crural piece crosses, again lid of the boiler on the lid, after heating 8 minutes again according to same method, cut off the power can.

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, especially lactation female edible can be suckled below the help.

 Earthnut follows what Bao Shang Hao

Earthnut and what stew are best: Soup of chop of earthnut lotus lotus root

Material: The pig is little, lotus lotus root, pignut, ginger, gallinaceous essence, pepper, caraway.

Practice: 1, the pig is little behead becomes big Duan Xi clean, put into cold water boiler to burn fish out to be rinsed clean. 2, pignut puts the Gao Huo in microwave oven one minute, air cool flay. 3, ginger section, caraway is cut paragraph, dip of section of flay of lotus lotus root reserves in clear water. 4, put pignut of chop, ginger, flay high-pressured bowl inside, add the clear water of full amount, big baked wheaten cake leaves, build turn small fire boils 15 minutes to involve fire. 5, treat maximum pressure the lid opens when pressure is not being had inside boiler, put lotus root piece, conflagration boils 5 minutes, add essence of salt, chicken, pepper to flavor, scatter caraway finally paragraph can.

Earthnut and what stew are best: Soup of earthnut chicken foot

Material: Gallinaceous foot 8, earthnut half bowls, jiang Yi piece, red jujube 10, green a paragraph, salt a bit (5 teaspoon) , cooking wine one spoon, pepper one teaspoon.

Practice: 1, gallinaceous foot behead leaves, heat boiled water, put gallinaceous foot conflagration to be boiled, put one spoon cooking wine not to build boiler shell, boil again can, fish out is abluent reserve. 2, earthnut red jujube is abluent, ginger section. 3, all in feeding material to put Bao together, bao a hour, transfer into salt, pepper, continue half hours to be able to give boiler.

 Earthnut follows what Bao Shang Hao

Earthnut and what stew are best: Soup of pigskin earthnut jujube

Material: Red jujube 20g, pigskin 20g, earthnut 30g, rock candy is right amount, ginger is right amount.

Practice: 1, clear water bowl is put after live pig skin is cleaned clean in, after conflagration is boiled, change1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Small fire is boiled make pigskin thickening become angry. 2, the pigskin that fish out has boiled, scrape with the knife after air is cool the grease of the layer in skin. 3, cut the pigskin that processes clean oil into parts into 5 centimeters wide strip with the knife, wear with the line rise hang air of ventilated and shady and cool place, ordinary air is controlled 7 days, pigskin can dry. 4, vegetable oil is entered in boiler, oily 7 pigskin is put to work when becoming heat, small fire fly into rage makes pigskin fleeciness color becomes yellow can. 5, scamper pigskin shifts to an earlier date bubble hair, come to be sent closely with clear leach bubble bouncy. 6, good bubble scamper pigskin is cut fine or piece become bit. 7, red jujube is abluent, earthnut immerses 2 hours ahead of schedule. 8, clear water is entered in arenaceous boiler, put Jiang Pian, scamper pigskin. 9, enter earthnut, red jujube, rock candy (or refined salt) after conflagration is boiled, small fire cook over a slow fire stews 1 hour.

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